Boolean - The Bubble

Boolean - The Bubble 1.02

Boolean - The GameBoolean is very fun and intelligent game that...

Boolean - The GameBoolean is very fun and intelligent game that requires quickness, strategy, and challenges you to solve tricky situations. Boolean - is a bubble and you help Boolean to collect all little bubbles.

Boolean moves into a certain direction until the bubble gets redirected by arrows it passes. Your job is to adjust those arrows to provide Boolean a safe journey.

Never let Boolean hit a spiky cactus or leave the edge of the level - you don`t want Boolean to blow up! In many levels there are bugs sitting around and blocking Boolean`s way.

Scare them away to pass. The game challenges you with 20 levels and it also comes with a construction kit. With the construction kit you can create, test, save, and load your own levels.

Your fantasy has no boundaries in the construction kit. You can email the levels you create to friends and family in order to challenge them. More information.

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Boolean - The Bubble


Boolean - The Bubble 1.02

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